No matter how good your deck looks right now, it will deteriorate over time. The deck is that part of your house where you can enjoy the pleasant weather outside. But it’s mainly because of that, it becomes susceptible to all the elements.

It pays to know about the most common deck problems so you can solve them at their onset. You can keep your deck looking great through professional?deck repair?services done by an expert deck contractor. That’s how you maximize the lifespan of your deck and enjoy looking at the great outdoors for as long as you want. The most common deck issues are:? 


When it comes to wood, rotting is almost inevitable. This is actually one of the worse problems that you can have with your deck. When the wood rots, it will literally fall apart. This is what will happen if your deck is unprotected.? 

Rot is unsightly and can undermine the deck’s integrity. Sealed decks may still become rotted so it’s important to keep checking your deck for the signs. Rotting happens if the deck is constantly exposed to water. It occurs if you have gutter issues or if water is funneling into the deck for some reason.?? 

Water damage? 

Water damage is very common among decks, as they are installed outside where it may get rained on anytime. It’s important that wood decks are properly sealed or they will rot. It’s necessary to apply another layer of sealant after a few years to reinforce the deck’s protection. Otherwise, your deck will be damaged by water. Sealants tend to wear off after some time.?? 

As a rule of thumb, the water on your deck should just bead and not seep into the wood. Test it sprinkling some water on any part of the deck. If the water seeps through, then it’s time to apply a new seal. But before you do so, you need to repair any damaged part of the deck, like rotting wood.?? 


Aside from the seal, the wood will lose its shade or color after some time. The wood will slowly turn into gray as time goes by and when debris and damage start to accumulate. This is more of an aesthetic than a functional problem, but it needs your attention just the same. The problem is easily?remedied by the use of wood cleaners. These compounds will restore the deck’s original color as it removes all the grime and dirt that cause the discoloration.?? 

There’s also a compound called wood brightener, which you may use as well.? However, don’t apply any of these chemicals unless the deck is fully sealed. That’s the best way to preserve the look and functionality of your deck.?? 

If you need to get your deck repaired, it’s important that you call the professionals. They will do everything necessary to restore the deck in its best condition. They can inspect, reseal, and?repair?the deck as needed. Look for professionals who can provide the best services at the best rate.???